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Several kinds of common floor, can you tell?
Time:2015/1/19 16:49:31

 To analyze about everyone often confuse "PVC flooring, plastic floor, stone floor, rubber floor, flax floor, 

anti-static floor" the relationship and difference between.

   "Stone plastic floor" is a term for domestic, said the PVC sheet flooring, because PVC sheet flooring 

main raw material is natural stone powder and natural resin, so the name "stone plastic floor" or "stone 

plastic floor tile".

    We said just now, "plastic floor" and "PVC plastic floor" actually is the name of the non-standard, we can 

be understood as PVC floor.

    Rubber and PVC floor by floor is two concepts completely, balata floor is natural rubber, synthetic rubber,

and other components of polymer materials made from the floor.Natural rubber is refers to the artificial 

cultivation of rubber  tree down and the rubber.Butyl benzene, benzene, butadiene rubber for synthetic 

rubber, oil is 6.With rubber as the main raw material production is divided into homogeneous and 

inhomogeneous anaglyph face, smooth surface, indoor use rubber  floor.Homogeneous rubber floor 

means on the basis of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, same color, composition of single layer or 

multilayer structure of sulfide floor;Heterogeneous rubber floor: refers to the floor on the basis of natural 

rubber or synthetic rubber, structure including a wear-resisting layer and other  components and (or) 

design on different compacted layer, compacted layer contains a skeleton.

    Balata floor is generally used in high places to wear resistance requirement,due to the high prices, the 

market is not too big.Is mainly in the domestic use in the field of transportation, such as the subway, 

airplanes, cars and other means of transport, airports, stations, traffic hub, etc.

    Anti-static floor and called the dissipation of electrostatic floor.This kind of floor, when it is grounding or 

connection to any of the relatively low potential, enables charge dissipation, resistance to between 

1.0 x104-108 Ω characterized.There are many different kinds of anti-static flooring, anti-static ceramic tile, 

three main anti-static raised floor, all steel anti-static raised floor, composite anti-static floor, aluminum 

alloy anti-static floor, imitation imported anti-static flooring, PVC anti-static floor, calcium sulfate anti-static 

floor, etc., which belong to the category of PVC floor is anti-static PVC floor.

    "Anti-static PVC floor" is in PVC floor component joined the conductive materials anti-static floor.But this

is not a simple add some carbon powder can, anti-static floor has strict boundary points in terms of

resistance.General resistance value between 106 to 106 to the power of the floor is anti-static floor, power 

of resistance in 104 to 106 between the power called conductive floor.Anti-static floor is mainly used in 

computer room, special wards, some havespecial request for static, such as precision workshop space.

So said anti-static PVC floor is also a kind of PVC floor.But add some conductive rubber floor components 

can also be anti-static.

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